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Inspire US 2020

Programme name:

Inspire US 2020



Corporate partner:


The trip is kindly fundraised for by Talent Foundry Trustee, Mike Green and teams from Wates, Bowmer + Kirkland, Willmott Dixon and Arcadis

Where the programme will run:

Schools participating in the UK win a trip to the United States

Key Stage:


Year group:


Number of students from each school who can take part:


Unlimited number of teams of four

Location of programme:

Schools participating in the UK win a trip to the United States

Requirements from school:

Teams must be made up of four students and we require one teacher to accompany each winning team

Cost of programme:












Inspire US 2020 is a repeat of the highly successful trips that were run in 2012 and 2016.  As part of the programme, any school eligible to work with The Talent Foundry can put forward unlimited teams of four students to work on a local social and political action project in the UK, giving them the chance to win a trip to the US in the autumn term.


Teams will compete to make it through two rounds of shortlisting between January - June 2020, with the final 12 teams taking part in a Finalists Forum to present their projects so far, from which four winning teams will be chosen.

16 winning sixth-form students will take part in a political internship in both Democrat and Republican campaign offices in the state of Florida, learning what it takes to make a high-level, impactful and most importantly, winning campaign.  Alumni from previous trips have gone on to secure places at top universities in both the UK and the US as a direct result of taking part in Inspire US. 

How to book:


The Inspire US 2020 programme is underway for this year. If you are interested in learning more about the programme or if your school is eligible for future programmes please contact Grace Stogdon, our Programme Manager.

How places are allocated:


Schools must meet Talent Foundry criteria of having higher than average numbers of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding to take part in Inspire US.

InspireUS: Top Tips for Students

Liz Ward, Programme Director, The Advocacy Academy: discussing the first steps in planning a campaign and the importance of establishing a clear and consistent message.

Hope Virgo, mental health advocate and spearhead of the #DumpTheScales campaign: discussing the power of social media as a campaigning tool.

Char Deslandes, alumna of InspireUS 2016: discussing her personal journey through the programme and its impacts on her, as well as her best advice for a successful campaign.


Student Feedback:













"I doubt that there are words that could do justice enough to describe my experience of the Inspire US trip; everything from start to finish was just amazing. The way I saw it, the opportunity to go on the trip in the first place was the prize, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and a reward beyond any other. On the trip, the desire to make a difference for others, inspired me. Working on a political campaign is a unique experience and the skills you learn are varied. It showed me that even in failure (after working with Democrats in 2016) people can be strong and resilient and most importantly inspired me to never give up. Whilst you're out there you get this feeling that anything is possible. That feeling stays with you long after you come back home and if you live it right, it will never leave you.


The Talent Foundry go the extra mile for any young person that has the chance, nay the privilege, to work with them. The staff who work there that I met were all amazing; they were kind and welcoming and they made the whole experience just that extra bit special it was clear that once you become a part of the Talent Foundry you never really leave. I am a more well-rounded person, a better person, because of my experiences with the Talent Foundry. I could never fully express the gratitude I have for everything that they gave me when they allowed me to go on the Inspire US trip." - Nathan Jarvis, Winning Participant, InspireUS 2016

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