Previously known as The Transformation Trust


19th March 2021

We are so pleased to be able to support teachers and students, especially during this challenging time of transitioning back to in-school learning. One of the ways we are proud to be doing so is through our Skills for Life programmes with M&G plc, enabling schools to engage with employers and encourage young people to continue aiming high in the future.


It is so important that students are able to receive support from professionals, and for organisations to connect with students early on, and we are so grateful for our wonderful volunteers who have joined us in making this possible for so many young people across the UK. Through our programmes we offer volunteers the opportunity to support us in the delivery of our virtual workshops, review student CVs and create content for the new Skills for Life website. Please take a look at the content, let us know what you think and if you would like to get involved creating for the platform.


Here’s what some of our volunteers have shared about their experience volunteering on M&G programmes:


“Skills for Life provides a great opportunity for students to access skills and people they may otherwise not have been able to. Through this they are better equipped to take on life’s challenges and achieve their aspirations. The bonus is that I left feeling inspired by the students!”


“A rewarding experience in which you’ll achieve multiple goals: helping students to reflect on their future aspirations; showcasing M&G as a good corporate citizen; and getting some personal reward.”


“The sessions I participated in with The Talent Foundry were all very well planned, engaging and enjoyable. It is clear they are passionate about the work they do and the students seem to be benefitting greatly from it, so it is a great opportunity to give something back.”

3rd March 2021

The Talent Foundry is committed to levelling the playing field of opportunity between more affluent young people and those less fortunate, and we believe that the private sector can play a huge role in this. We are thankful to all our partners, both past and present, for helping us in our mission for education equality

Why do businesses partner with us?
• We provide a unique link between the corporate sector and the wealth of untapped talent in underprivileged schools

Proven results: we have spent 10 successful years as the go-to partner for a range of major UK employers

Our reach: We are a nationwide charity with an outstanding network of disadvantaged schools and university partners

• All the programmes we run are fully funded for schools and students, helping to level the playing field of opportunity

• We design bespoke programmes to suit your needs and ensure alignment with the organisations' mission and vision

• We can work with your employees to offer unique volunteering opportunities with local young people

If you work for a company that has a genuine interest in helping young people find what they are amazing at whilst increasing the business’s pipeline of untapped talent please get in touch with our Head of Programmes, Cate Smith

1st March 2021

This National Careers Week we are excited to a highlight a new digital platform, created by M&G plc and The Talent Foundry.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the employment prospects of many young people has massively increased the importance of employability programmes like Skills for Life.

This brand-new digital platform has been launched to respond to young people’s needs: the platform hosts a wealth of resources aimed at improving employability by providing a unique insight into the world of work and the skills needed to succeed.

It also features a number of activities which can be completed independently by students or in a classroom setting, making this digital platform a valuable resource for young learners and educators alike. With sections dedicated to a variety of employability skills, this new platform can be used to help young people from all backgrounds develop valuable new competencies enabling them to take that all important next step after education.

22nd February 2021

This week saw the first two Powering Transformation: The Big Idea workshops running, in partnership with Dell Technologies. Students were able to learn about business, sustainability and technology, all aided by a wonderful Dell volunteer Mark Duffy as part of their #DellProgressMadeReal strategy.

96% of students said that they would recommend the programme to other Year 7 and Year 8 students – here’s an example of what they had to say:

“What I liked best about the programme is that it gives us the motivation to aim higher, and I learnt that anything is possible!”

“My favourite part of the workshop was learning about new technologies, and being able to learn from the Dell volunteer, Mark.”

“The workshop was amazing, it kept me engaged from start to finish. It was really fun and creative, and helps people develop in different areas. I recommend it to everyone!”

We are so excited to continue delivering this amazing workshop to more students across the UK.

If you work for Dell in the UK and would like to find out about volunteering with us, please get in touch.

23rd March 2021


Today we ran our first ‘Meet the Team’ session, in partnership with Dell Technologies.

180 Year 9 students from Blessed William Howard Catholic High School were joined by fantastic Dell volunteers, Tracey Woolley, Steven Goddard and Aron Howell who shared their insight into working for a company like Dell and their expertise on the sector in general. Students heard from the Dell team about their job roles, learnt about possible career routes into the tech sector and received bespoke, expert advice about future pathways.

As with all our programmes, we aim to level the playing field of opportunity by ensuring that students are able to make fully informed decisions about their future. These meaningful interactions with employers like Dell are a key way in which we equip students with the skills and information they need to take those all-important next steps.

We are so excited to be running these sessions with Dell, giving young people across the country the chance to be motivated and inspired by inspirational tech professionals.

22nd March 2021

Today marked the last session in our employability and mentoring programme delivered in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (the CISI)


Once a month since September, sixth-form students from Liverpool have been taken on an employability journey with the support of amazing mentors from the CISI and their partner organisations. Over seven sessions, students covered an array of practical employability skills such as public speaking, interview skills, CV development and so much more, as well as developing their essential skills such as teamwork, confidence and resilience. With support from their mentors, students engaged in Q&A sessions to explore the many different routes into working in wealth management firms as well as being given top tips about what makes applicants stand out in such a competitive industry.


It is vital that students looking to take their next steps are given meaningful interactions with employers - something that also supports schools in reaching their Gatsby Benchmarks. Studies have shown that students receiving four or more interactions with employers are five times more likely than their peers to transition into further education, employment or training. We are incredibly grateful to the wonderful mentors who supported students so well throughout this brilliant programme.


When asked what they enjoyed most about the programme, students said, “the emphasis on soft skills”, “learning to have confidence in myself” and “learning that there isn’t just one route to get to where you want to be, there are many different pathways”.

1st April 2021


Our Week in Feedback

We are proud to highlight some of the wonderful feedback we have received from recent workshops.

This week, we have delivered programmes with Dell Technologies, The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (The CISI), and M&G plc. Below is some of the feedback from teachers at the schools which took part:


  • “This is our 2nd session with The Talent Foundry and I am truly full of admiration for a superb set of presenters and speakers you have made available to us.”


  • “A big thank you for an amazing workshop. Our students were really impressed. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience. They really appreciate having guest speakers talk to them about "real jobs" and about how businesses work in the real world! Even though it was 2 hours long, they were asking if they could carry on after lunch!”


  • “We are all so impressed with the facilitator’s delivery and professionalism, and with The Talent Foundry's organisation and quality of presentation. The Meet the Dell Team session was outstanding.”

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who took part in TTF programmes this week for helping bring these workshops to life and for sharing your expertise

30th March 2021


The Talent Foundry is pleased to announce a new programme coming soon: Track to the Future.

This programme, run in partnership with Network Rail, will give Year 11 students in the Birmingham and Milton Keynes areas the opportunity to explore potential careers in rail services and become aware of the many great roles and opportunities within the sector.

This four-part programme will see mentors from Network Rail supporting students through highly interactive and engaging sessions exploring the rail industry, specifically the programme management and tech streams, among many other fascinating subjects. Students will be able to develop their innovation, creativity and other essential skills while learning about key topics such as accountability, collaboration and challenging situations.

We already have a waiting list of schools interested in taking part, and we are so excited to begin running these workshops in the Autumn Term.

If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming Track to the Future programme with Network Rail, please visit our website or get in touch.

19th April


As schools across the UK head into the Summer Term, we wanted to reflect back on the achievements of our Dell Technologies programmes so far.

We are proud to share that over the past 2 months we have delivered opportunities reaching 429 disadvantaged students across 7 workshops, and through 3 different programmes: Powering Transformation, The Big Idea and Meet the Dell Team. Each of these programmes provide unique opportunities for young people to begin to consider their futures more widely and positively.

We've also launched our Big Idea ‘Do It Yourself’ workbook to provide further support to teachers, which has been accessed by 45 different schools and estimated to be benefitting over 4,500 students.

It’s going to be a busy term for us, as we have 73 further workshops scheduled. This number continues to rise as we continue to expand our reach, engaging with new schools and students.