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Fundraising towards our core funding or for a particular project is a great way to support us and get involved, and there are many exciting activities you can take part in. A number of individuals and corporates have run specific fundraising events in the past, the most recent of which was a ‘Coast to Coast’ Bike ride. A team of cycling enthusiasts cycled from the Carlise to Newcastle to raise money for our Bridge programmes. 


If you would like to set up a fundraising event we would love to hear from you.


New Partnerships


We would love to expand the offer we currently have for the young people we work with, as our programmes are oversubscribed and demand way exceeds supply. 


If you work for a company that has a genuine interest in helping young people find what they are amazing at whilst increasing the business’s pipeline of untapped talent please get in touch with our Head of Programmes, Cate Smith.


























Individual Donations


We are always very grateful for any donations. 


We will use these to help us continue to provide opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Please contact us to find out how to donate. 

Special Occasions


Why not use a special occasion such as a birthday as a chance to change lives, by asking your loved ones to donate to a fundraising page that you set up to raise funds for The Talent Foundry? Please contact our Head of Programmes, Cate Smith for more information.




If you are interested in volunteering with us either on a one-off basis or a regular basis, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Cate Smith for more information.

The impact of Covid-19 on everyone has been significant, but for disadvantaged communities it has been devastating. It took 10 years to narrow the attainment gap by 10%. It is estimated that in the first 10 weeks of lockdown, that 10% of progress was lost.


In response, we are running a fundraising campaign to raise funds which we will use to run a series of pre-apprenticeship programmes which will help train over 5,000 young people and support 1,000 of these into apprenticeships or other meaningful entry level positions once they leave school.  

What your money could pay for:


  • £1,270 - could pay for a student to take part in the pre-apprenticeship programme including costs of employability coaching. 


  • £100 - could pay for office attire and travel expense for a young person to enable them to attend interviews and selection days.


  • £50 - could pay for shoes for a young person for them to wear during the selection process and during employment. 


  • £25 - could pay for lunch for a week while a young person is on the apprenticeship scheme