Universities & Higher Education Institutions

How can universities and HEIs work in partnership with us to engage with schools?

We have a wide range of university partners that work with us on our Dell Powering Transformation programme, many of whom also attend Rock Assembly. Through these programmes, young people are able to interact with university student ambassadors and teaching staff, while gaining valuable information about the potential pathways to university.

Bespoke Programmes

We have worked in partnership with a number of universities on individual bespoke programmes.  These were designed to help universities attract and interact with students from diverse backgrounds.  In addition to providing opportunities for school students, the programmes also gave students from the universities valuable volunteering opportunities. They were able to work as part of a team and enhance their communication, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking skills which are all directly relevant and beneficial to life after university.  If you are interested in finding out more about the programmes in partnership with universities, please contact our Head of Programmes, Cate Smith.

Rock Assembly

Rock Assembly is comprised of a range of workshops hosted by employers and universities, which will offer your students the chance to engage with various sectors and industries throughout the day, as well as higher education. The workshops and activities will open students’ eyes to a range of apprenticeship programmes, school leaver opportunities, and higher education opportunities available to them. The morning session is dedicated to a Futures Fair (Careers Fair) where students can interact with a wide range of employers and representatives from universities across the country.  The afternoon is a celebratory pop concert.  Universities attending have the opportunity to engage with around 10,000 young people and give them information on the opportunities they offer.  If you would like to take a stand at our Futures Fair, please contact one of our team on 0207 148 0934.

Gatsby Benchmark 7


The  Gatsby Benchmarks stipulate that by the age of 16, every pupil should have had a meaningful encounter with providers of the full range of learning opportunities, including sixth forms, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers. This should include the opportunity to meet both staff and pupils. (A ‘meaningful’ encounter is one in which the student has an opportunity to explore what it’s like to learn in that environment).  By the age of 18, all pupils who are considering applying for university should have had at least two visits to universities to meet staff and pupils.  Schools are very keen to take advantage of any opportunity to engage with universities and higher education institutes to help reach this benchmark. 

Past and present university partners